Smart Data Solutions

Pandata creates optimal data-solutions
turning numbers into insights.

Some of our clients

Prepare your company for the Digital Revolution!

We combine Digital Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Science in a unique way to make it as easy as possible for you to draw relevant, valuable conclusions from your data. We call it Smart Data.

Every day our team of highly specialized consultants and developers is helping local and international companies to maximize their success through optimal usage of their data.

Discover data potential

Identify your potential data sources, such as CRM, ERP systems, websites, apps, production and customer databases. Get them ready for a holistic analysis.

Tap into new data sources

Make use of new data sources from Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. and integrate it with the latest technologies in areas such as “Internet of Things” and “Big Data”.

Use your potential

Meaningful reports and easy-to-read data visualization create unique insights. Data Science and Machine Learning-Technologies provide you with solid database.

A selection of our success stories

Supporting Business Intelligence through Natural Language Processing

For a major e-commerce client Pandata developed a comprehensive business intelligence system on top of a slim database. The system unifies multiple sources of internal data, such as orders, customer requests and website performance. Automatic processing of thousands of customer requests in combination with other data allowed for creating unique customer profiles for further quantitative analysis.


Intuitive reporting and data visualization

For a DAX-listed company Pandata developed a system that evaluates user reactions and measures website goals achievements. In addition to identifying the ‘right’ data to track, the main focus was it’s processing and visualization, so that immediate recommendations could be derived.


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