Pandata Digital Analytics Services

We design and implement entire Digital Analytics setups based on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. All of our setups are built for maximal maintainability and scalability. They are designed to be ready for further processing of the data, either via Google BigQuery or your own Data Warehouse. 

Whether you would like to have your setup maintained by us or take over the controls entirely depends on your needs. All of our solutions are designed to be handed over easily. We do not believe in black boxes. Additionally our experts are happy to bring your team up to speed with structured workshops and trainings.



Consulting & Solution Design

Implementation & Setup

Maintenance & Support

Reporting & Dashboarding

Workshops & Trainings

Experts in Google Analytics and beyond

Our Digital Analytics Consultants act as translators of business requirements into technical solutions. This is part of our processes for requirements engineering and solution design. We are experts in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager (for web and mobile) and Google Analytics for Mobile Apps (Firebase Analytics). Our Data Engineers are ready to take your Digital Analytics to the next level, leveraging tools like BigQuery and other high performance data analytics-tools.



How we work

Our involvements typically start with consulting and solution design, often in the form of an initial workshop.  Any solution we conceptualize, we implement and put into operation together with you. This also includes testing and quality assurance.

We have developed several frameworks and processes, that are used during the different stages of a project: In the solution design-phase this your strategical Measurement Plan, in the implementation-phase we create an Implementation Guide for your developers and in the quality assurance phase, we apply our structured “Quality Assurance Process”.



Optimal Development Integration

With our Implementation Guide we are specifying all necessary implementations, like Libraries and dataLayer Pushes for websites as well as SDKs or Firebase Events for mobile tracking. The Implementation Guide is focused and adapted to your developers needs, providing the implementation steps as close as possible to the actual code. We speak the language of your development team. This avoids ambiguity and provides the basis for an optimal integration.

You have access to our Implementation Guide on our Pandata Client Area, a password protected area on our website just for you. To ensure that no knowledge get's lost over time our lean and stable system is versioning all of its content with git. If desired the content can easily imported into Jira, Confluence or almost any other knowledge management or ticketing solution tool.